How can you increase your sales by offering differentiating solutions to your business customers?

How can you increase your turnover? That’s a question as old as entrepreneurship itself! Most traditional solutions involve acquiring new customers, retaining them, increasing the price of each product or service sold, or increasing sales volume. But to make your sales more dynamic, you'll have to be inventive and offer differentiating solutions, especially if you're a B2B player. And among these is sales financing.

What is sales financing?

Sales financing can be defined as a medium- or long-term financing operation, paid by the customer in monthly installments. This financing technique enables a seller to receive the proceeds of the sale immediately from the rental company, which will be reimbursed by the customer by collecting rental fees during the term of the rental.

Increase sales by offering solutions rather than products


When you offer your products to your customers via this leasing solution, you are not just selling a product—far from it. You are selling access, and the services associated with it.

For example, if you are a manufacturer or distributor of computer equipment, you are not just selling a computer. By renting it, you are selling access to the computer as well as the associated services, troubleshooting, updates, maintenance, etc.

By offering a leased vehicle fleet to a business customer, you are not only offering them vehicles suited to their business activity and employees, but also all related maintenance services. The same is true for medical equipment, which by its very nature requires a flawless maintenance and repair service.

At the end of the contract period, your customer returns the equipment and can outfit themselves with state-of-the-art machinery. Had they bought their equipment in the conventional way, they would have quickly been dealing with obsolete or ill-suited machinery.

This is how you offer a solution that sets you apart from your competitors. And it is this solution that can appeal to customers who want high-performance equipment in order to increase productivity and focus on their core business, since they don't have to worry about maintenance, servicing or repairs. You will be able to increase your sales by capturing these types of customers.

Increasing sales and securing margins through financial rental


Sales financing is an effective lever to boost your own business and that of your customers. By integrating Olinn solutions into your offerings, you'll achieve various goals. On the one hand, by enhancing your services, you'll attract new customers and can thereby boost your sales and increase your turnover. On the other hand, this solution allows you to secure your margins and optimise your cash flow.

That’s because with financial rental, you have the assurance of receiving a rental fee every month. You won't endure any late payments or even unpaid bills, thereby ensuring your liquidity. As for your customers, they won't have any unpleasant financial surprises, since they pay rental fees every month according to their financing capacity, regardless of any issues they may encounter with their equipment.

Attracting environmentally sensitive customers

By incorporating a rental model into your commercial strategy, you'll also engage in a virtuous circle, both economically and environmentally. You'll be participating in a circular economy, which, unlike a linear economy, aims to limit overproduction and overconsumption. This approach is likely to convince the growing number of companies that are sensitive to sustainable development issues.

In conclusion, sales financing is a win/win solution for both you and your customers. It is a genuine driver of growth that is increasingly valued by companies

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